The principles of trust, good governance and accountability are the most important issues in sport today. Due diligence helps answer the crucial questions; how much do you know about the people and businesses you are working with and do you know the extent of the risks you are taking?

The Sports Consultancy are licensed agents of Dow Jones Sports Intelligence (DJSI), who provide a due diligence offering designed specifically for the sports industry. This service provides comprehensive counterparty due diligence covering any sport business transaction.

Each report draws on the research capabilities of over 900 public and proprietary databases and 32,000 sources from 200 countries. This captures up to 50% more content than standard desktop research and analysts are fluent in 60 languages. To date, reports have been commissioned for international federations, agencies, clubs and cities around the world to influence their crucial business decisions.

The Sports Consultancy are able to offer consultancy packages around each report to first help clients identify their key questions and required research areas for due diligence and then provide recommendations and mitigation solutions based on the report outcomes.

Due Diligence Business Areas

Why is Due Diligence so important?

Head of Dow Jones Sports Intelligence Simon Greenberg explains how the global sports industry is rising to meet the challenge of good governance using due diligence, and why DJSI is so relevant in the process.

Case Studies

1. Scrutiny on prospective club owners

2. Evaluation of prospective host cities

3. Evaluation on third parties

4. Organisational good governance processes

5. Global sports agents protect their clients with due diligence of prospective partners

6. Sponsors conduct brand partner audits of entire sports



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